Top 5 Things Females Shouldn’t do on MySpace

Innapropriate Facebook Pictures

Myspace is a big part of lots of men and women’s daily life. As soon as you start dating a man there are a few stuff that you can’t do, because you will most likely push him to leave you.

Here are the Top Five Activities Chicks Should Not Do On MySpace:

1. Expressing Dude-Hating Posts: If you are dating a man who you also have as a friend on Facebook, Myspace or any other social network site, make sure to avoid from making known your man-bashing post updates debuting “all dudes are liars” or “all dudes are tricksters”. This will most definitely assure no more dating for you in the near future.

2. Becoming Too Private: If you are those kind of females who love the moment of having all eyes on them and have so much “supposedly” issues in your everyday life; don’t update all and each thing that is going on in your life. Guys do not like issue filled ladies or attention hogs.

3. Putting Only “Me” Pictures: It’s good to love yourself, but it is not good when you have several pictures that are named “look at me” or “I look good”. This will show the male that you are big-headed and don’t have close friends.

4. Becoming A Detective: As soon as the dude you are fond of accepts your friend notification, try to withhold from looking through all of his older posts trying to find something that isn’t correct. Those posts and albums were there long before you showed up.

5. Carelessly Modifying Your Companionship Status: If you are not totally certain that you and the male you are seeing are serious; do not alter your romance status or alter your default photo with a picture of you two.

Women, make certain you practice these important Top Five
Activities Chicks Should Not Do On MySpace guide. This will make your social life definitely painless.